Elite Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training

Aldan Performance is an elite strength and conditioning business offering fitness and performance programs including, off-ice hockey training, sports performance training and online personal training.  Each session is designed and overseen by strength and conditioning expert and personal trainer, Brandon Aldan. Programs are built on progressions based on the latest information in sports science research to ensure consistent, measurable results.

Training sessions are conducted in the St Louis, Missouri area but, people in other parts of the country can take advantage of the revolutionary online personal training system. Online personal training includes direct consultation with Brandon Aldan through Skype, phone or email to design the program after which the client will have continued access to Brandon’s expertise and workouts will be sent to a mobile app complete with video demonstration of each exercise. Sign up for online personal training here.
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 Elite Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training

Workout anytime, anywhere with your online personal trainer.

This is what people are saying about Brandon and Aldan Performance:

“I’ve tried other places but, after a few sessions with Brandon, coaches and parents were asking my parents what I’d been doing.” Sara H, hockey player

“I just feel better when I’ve been working with Brandon consistently. I notice the difference when I miss a couple sessions.” Mary S, adult fitness personal training client

“Aldan Performance delivers results that apply directly to your sport. I’ve never felt faster and I can literally feel the improvements I’ve made when I step on the ice.” Brad S, hockey player

“The online personal training program is great!!! I like to go to the gym but, I never know what to do and I don’t think the trainers at my gym know what they’re doing. Now I have my workouts right on my phone and if I don’t know an exercise, I can watch a video demo.” Faith M, online personal training client

“Brandon knows his stuff. He always has a scientific reason for every exercise.” Mike L, hockey player

“Speed, balance, strength and agility are key ingredients in being competitive. In order to allow the kids to maximize their God-given abilities, they participated in Brandon Aldan’s plyometrics. The results have been impressive. They are greatly improved and each child has developed his/her specific areas of need with the customized workouts that Brandon provides. His encouraging attitude and challenging sessions are showing on the ice, courts and fields. I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone that wants to see improvement in strength, balance, quickness and/or speed.” Tammy D, hockey mom of six.



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 Elite Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training         Elite Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training